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How to clean the rattan furnitures ?
2018-11-05 22:44:20

Water will not cause the same damage to synthetic rattan furniture, as it will to natural rattan furniture. Therefore, if you want to give your furniture a really good clean, you can simply use a hosepipe. We recommend tilting your furniture so that the tighter weaves are at the top. That way, the water will run down them, to the larger weaves and then out the bottom.

You can use the same detergent to clean your synthetic rattan furniture, just make sure that you thoroughly rinse it afterwards to prevent it seeping into the cracks and crevasses. Soak some of the water up by drying your rattan furniture with a tea towel and then leave it out to dry. We highly recommend cleaning your rattan furniture on a windy day, as it will allow the furniture to dry quicker.

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